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Wednesday, February 01, 2023

The leader (Barcelona) beat Betis 1 x 2 / Spanish League.


Sevilla Spain
Spanish League (La Liga)

Difficult game, stuck, with a lot of physical display and play in the middle of the field, with little depth, Betis, today was somewhat limited and worsened with Raphinha's goal for FC Barcelona, who without playing much went up in the marker, Xavi Hernandez's club, gained confidence and scored the second by Lewandowski, who scored his 14th goal, in the Spanish league

Betis, would discount on the scoreboard, with an own goal, by the defender of FC Barcelona, Counde, but it would not reach them for more and the culĂ© club, came out with the three points from the Benito VillaMarin stadium and continues to be the leader, of the Spanish league.

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