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Sunday, October 02, 2022

With a double Hat-Trick by Haaland and Foden, Manchester City crushed Manchester United



Premier League

In a very exciting, intense, high-speed game, with masterful passes, with nine goals scored, a stadium supporting at all times, two clubs committed to their colors, two Manchester City players, touched with the magic wand of the gods of Olympus, at the time of scoring.

It was one of those games, regardless of the clubs that are playing it, of which one never wants them to ever end, Manchester City and Manchester United, they have given us a great game, elite level, where Erling Haaland and Foden have scored a hat-trick each.

For Manchester United, Antony and Martial scored, with a brace.

Friday, September 30, 2022

Athletic Club Bilbao defeats Almeria 4 x 0 and is momentarily placed in second place in the Spanish League.


Date #7
The league
In an uneven game, better played by the home team, which was always in front, had the ball, created more scoring opportunities, better intensity and attitude, within the pitch of the new San Mames stadium.

The first goal was scored by Iñaki Williams, the second was by Sancet, the third was by the player in fashion in Spain, Nico Williams and the definitive 4 x 0, was scored by the player Maikel Vesga

With this result, Athletic Club is momentarily in second place in the table, tied in points, with FC Barcelona, but with one more match, which will be played this Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo: The reason, behind the storm, that lives in front of the goal.


Cristiano Ronaldo: 

Yesterday Portugal, has been defeated by Spain, with a final score of 0 x 1 in the UEFA Nations League. After the game, many Portuguese and other media outlets have destroyed Cristiano Ronaldo, due to the missed scoring opportunities, where they have hit him with everything, bringing out his age and covers where they make it clear that he is no longer a decisive player, who had to be changed from the 50th minute, who lost his nose for goal, who continues to maintain a very high ego and contrarily, a disastrous performance and a few other things.

Definitely, without being Portuguese, the lawyer, oh the representative of Cristiano Ronaldo, the truth makes me sad, that all these "journalists" who today put him in the same bag and hit him literally from all sides, are the same as Thousands of times they passed the world soccer star's balls, repeatedly, to get an interview, or to sell their newspapers at the expense of the image of the Portuguese captain, which has allowed them to fill their bags with money, for each note and cover that you have filled

What is happening to Cristiano Ronaldo is something easy to understand, the serious thing is that you all know it and you literally throw "Shit at him" knowing that it is something temporary and that the Luso player will once again have a rhythm of play, goals per tens and a high physical condition, which is still not enough for him, for the simple fact of not having had an adequate preseason equal to his teammates and selection

This age thing is already something that tires, in some "Journalists" it is nonsense that is not reality, neither for Cristiano, nor for any player with his winning mentality, physical bio type, commitment when training, capacity and winning attitude, demonstrated throughout his career, where he has scored more goals than any other player on the planet

I know that the Portuguese will return and continue to keep quiet, because those of us who have passed through a locker room and kicked a ball for a few seasons know that an elite-level player, like him, with physical work and rhythm of play, will continue to be decisive and forceful.

For truths the time.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

UEFA Nations League / Tuesday September 27 / Results.


All Results
Tuesday, September 27
UEFA Nations League
All the matches of this Tuesday, September 27 in the UEFA Nations League have been played and these are all the results, where Spain's triumph as a visitor against Portugal stands out.

Mitrovic, has scored his 50th goal with Servia, in the game that they have won 0 x 2 as a visitor, against Norway

Monday, September 26, 2022


UEFA Nations League

This Monday's matches have been played in the UEFA Nations League and these are all the results, after 90 minutes full of emotions, in each of the stadiums, where England and Germany have given us a game full of emotions, good football and six wonderful goals

Also on this day, we highlight the victory of Italy, 0 x 2 as a visitor against Hungary, in a good game, with many scoring chances created by both teams.

These are all the results.

Sunday, September 25, 2022



UEFA Nations League

All the games for this Sunday, September 25, have already finished, where Denmark, has defeated a France, made of paper, without ideas, without football, without offensive weight, without forcefulness, or a defined style of play, Denmark, played better from start to finish. finish.

Poland, won his game as a visitor 0 x 1, with a masterful pass from Rober Lewandowski, finished by Świderski, to give the three points to the Poles, over Wales.

The Netherlands won their match, against Belgium, in a totally orange atmosphere in the stadium, which was bursting with fans. The winning goal was scored by the central defender, Van Dijk.

Austria, defeated at home, against Croatia, who plays good football and is forceful when it comes to defining matches, today won 1 x 3, with a great Luka Modric, as pitcher and definer.

Faroe Islands, has blushed a Turkey, full of good individuals, but lacking in team play, which they have beaten 2 x 1 at the end of 90 minutes.

This is how all the games have been.

Latest results, UEFA Nations League


All Results

UEFA Nations League

All the matches ended, this Saturday, September 24, in the Nations League, with the following results, where the victory of Switzerland stands out, for the first time in its history, as a visit against Spain, 1 x 2

Also, Portugal defeated the Czech Republic 4 x 0, with two goals from Diogo Dalot, Bruno Fernandez and Diogo Jota.

Scotland has won again, this time it has done 2 x 1 to the Republic of Ireland, placing first in group 1, with 12 points.

Friday, September 23, 2022

UEFA Nations League / Thursday All Results.


All the matches of the UEFA Nations League were played on Thursday, September 22, where we have been able to enjoy very good matches, played with passion, dedication, sporting honor, intensity, magical collective plays, impressive goals and sensational saves.

These are the results: