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Thursday, February 02, 2023

Keylor Navas, was received in Nottingham city, with millions of expressions of affection and welcome messages.


Through video and photos, Nottingham Forest makes the arrival of the goalkeeper of the three Champions League, Keylor Navas, official.

Despite his great performance, dedication, sacrifice, competitiveness, the goalkeeper was meanly relegated to the bench, without any sporting, firm and coherent criteria, by coach Galtier, the one who has the greatest responsibility in forcibly pushing the goalkeeper's exit from Costa Rica, former Real Madrid

And it is that sport in general is competitive and soccer does not escape that rule, but if they do not let you compete, you make an effort, you are responsible and an example, as a player and asset of your club, it is common sense, not Only Galtier is entirely to blame for what happened with Keylor Navas, behind that amazing decision by the French coach, there is a club structure that exceeds what the coach thinks and it is precisely from there that the order to freeze the attic came out in everything, not only relegate him to the bench, but also take away his prominence, in press conferences, remove as much as possible the club's television camera, in training sessions and games and give all that priority to goalkeeper Gigi Donnarumma, with an over exposition, to the point of doing ReTweeting , in each publication or comment of the Italian .

The club and Galtier have already achieved their goal, making Keylor go on loan for the rest of the season to the legendary and winner of two European Cups, Nottingham Forest

A double-edged sword, taking into account the poor performance of the Italian goalkeeper, who despite all that media publicity and support from Galtier and company, will now face Bayern Munich in the Champions League and there the German club, without a doubt, will unmask, the true level of Donnarumma, without the help of the press, club and coach

For me and because I played in that position throughout my sports career, the Italian is an insecure goalkeeper, clumsy with his feet, with no reaction when a ball is kicked close to the grass, since it is very difficult for him to move that size of almost 2 meters Apart from that he has no agility and is slow to move.

There are only a few days left and we will see if time is going to prove me right, what I am sure is that Navas is going to break it in the English club, he is a winning guy and with an unwavering sporting character, he trains like a beast and he always wants to win everything on his own merits, without accepting help from third parties, to achieve his goals.


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