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Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Montpellier, loses 1 x 3, against the leader PSG / French League


Montpellier - France
French Football League (Ligue 1)

In a complicated game, in a wonderful environment, with a stadium full of fans, giving it that sports party atmosphere, where we have been able to observe many complete families in the stands, supporting their favorite club.

In the first half, Montpelier played better, controlled the ball better and created more dangerous plays than the Parisian club, Mbappe and Ramos, came out of a forced change when receiving blows, more worrying that of the French player, who was hit with everything

Fabian Ruiz, Messi and Za├»re-Emery scored for Galtier club, in a game that was somewhat pale in terms of game rhythm, with sparks of good football and magical plays, only on a few occasions.

Gornin Arnaud, would discount for Montpellier, a prize for the effort and sacrifice of the local club tonight, against the leader of the French league.

In the end, Parisian victorious, although the club from the capital continues to leave doubts, in terms of operation and defined style of play.

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