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Thursday, September 08, 2022

Manchester United, loses 0 x 1 against Real Sociedad, with a controversial penalty / UEL


UEFA Europa League
Old Trafford Stadium
Group stage

A game largely dominated by Manchester United, but without any definition, when it came to specifying the elaborate plays, Real Sociedad, withstood United's attacks and won the game, with a doubtful penalty, which first hit the leg and then the the hand of the Argentine defender Lizandro Martinez, becoming a hand, not punishable, but that the VAR determined that it was.

A decision, which has generated the monumental anger of the stadium, the players and members of the Manchester United coaching staff and the local press sector.

Brais Mendez, took the ball and sent it to save from the eleven steps, to shoot David De Gea and sentence the game with the score of 0 x 1, thus taking the three points, on the first date of the group stage of the UEFA Europa League. season : 2022/2023

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