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Thursday, September 08, 2022

Galatasaray, full of stars / Season 2022/2023


Istanbul, Turkey
The Turkish club, Galatasaray, continues to strengthen and at the same time fill its thousands of fans with hope. First he signed Lucas Torreira and Dries Mertens, two hardworking players, recognized for their great qualities, then Mauro Icardi arrived, from PSG and a few hours ago, also the Spanish, Juan Mata, former Manchester United. I don't know if the bill will last, but if they sign James Rodriguez and Adama Traore, they will be a team 4 times stronger than last season, this without counting the media and sports blow, which will make the world of soccer turn its eyes on Turkish soccer, which would lead to a lot of local and foreign investment, to football in that beautiful country.

The clubs have understood that in order to compete, they must invest in good players, who will contribute to the club, not only in the sporting part, but also in the emotional, financial, economic interest, sponsor level, short, medium and long term

Mauro Icardi is a striker who only needs playing minutes, as he demonstrated at Inter Milan, at the Argentine national team and at Paris Saint Germain, when they gave him the opportunity to play several games in a row, before lose prominence, more for a measure of taste, than qualities. which are intact in the Argentine player and that many joys will be given to the fans and managers, of this great club of the Turkish league

The Spanish player, Juan Mata, will be the new reinforcement of Galatasaray, a player with an enviable curriculum, Real Castilla, from Madrid, Many years in Valencia CF, from Spain, in the Spanish soccer team, in Chelsea FC and Manchester United, a stable player, very professional, with a defined soccer and that without a doubt, will contribute a lot, to that Galatasaray midfield

We will be watching the Turkish club, which if it manages to join its new figures in the short term, will be the protagonist yes, or yes, in all the competitions in which it participates, in this 2022.

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