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MALANGA NEWS SPORTS 45 : Date, Saturday June 3 , 2023 / FOOTBALL : ENGLAND - EMIRATES FA cup - Final - Manchester City vs Manchester United / FRENCH LEAGUE : Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos played their last game with PSG today, in the League 1

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Total sports party in Riyadh, with Cristiano and Messi. / Saudi Arabia.


Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

King Farah Stadium

In an intense, open and exciting match, with a stadium full of families, in a pleasant and sports party atmosphere, Paris Saint Germain and the Riyadh Stars put on a great show, at the end of 90 minutes, where the club Parisian has obtained the victory, with a final score of 5 x 4.

The game was intense and dynamic from the beginning of the game until the end of it, where each ball was fought with guts and sporting pride.

Messi, opened the scoring, with a pass from Neymar jr, Cristiano Ronaldo, tied the game, after a penalty sanctioned against Keylor Navas, Marquinhos, would give the advantage to the Parisian club, but Cristiano Ronaldo, would tie the game again, later After a furious shot to shoot the PSG goalkeeper, Sergio Ramos, he would put PSG ahead, after a great play by Mbappe, Jang, would tie, with the 3 x 3, for the stars of Riyadh, but Mbappe would put the 4 x 3 for the Parisians, with a shot from the eleven steps, Ekitike, would put the 5 x 3 and Talisca, the fourth goal of the Riyahd star team, after shooting Donnarumma, who had entered the game at minute 62.

The game was entertaining, had 9 goals scored and thousands of Arab fans, happy to return to their homes, after having witnessed a great football game, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, completely live, on the same playing field.

Monday, January 16, 2023

The goalkeeper of the Al Nassr club, David Ospina will undergo surgery tomorrow in Madrid / is about to arrive, Keylor Navas.

Madrid Spain
The goalkeeper of the Colombian national team and the Saudi Arabian club, Al Nassr FC David Ospina, will undergo surgery on his elbow tomorrow Tuesday after the exploration carried out today by a specialized surgeon, the Arab club where Cristiano Ronaldo plays has reported and it sounds strong, the Goalkeeper of the three UEFA Champions League, Keylor Navas, current member of the French club Paris Saint Germain.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Newcastle wins again and remains at the top of the table.


premier league
Sunday January 15 -2023
With a solitary goal from Alexander Isak, Newcastle defeated Fulham 1-0, in an entertaining, disputed and very pleasant match, with fantastic plays and many goal occasions created.

Newcastle , continues at the top of the table, wasting good football, goals, a defined style of play and a lot of personality, in every game they play.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Real Madrid beat Valencia CF on penalties (4-3) and advance to the final of the Spanish Super Cup


Saudi Arabia
#Spain Supercup
Written by : Jose Alvarado
In a widely disputed match corresponding to the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup, held in Saudi Arabia, Real Madrid and Valencia, tied 1-1, Benzema, opened the scoring for those led by Carlo Ancelotti, minutes later, Samuel Lino, tie for Valencia CF

After 90 minutes, extra time came and later, the kicks from the penalty spot, to define the club that advanced to the grand final.

Real Madrid advances after beating Valencia CF on penalties, 4 x 3, and will wait for the winner of the other semifinal, which will be played tomorrow, Thursday, January 12, when they face FC Barcelona vs. Real Betis.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

He returned to the Chiringuito, Hugo Gatti Argentine ex goalkeeper and his magic comb.


Hugo Gatti, an Argentine international ex goalkeeper, returns to the Spanish television show, who arrives every season, as a commentator, on the most watched sports program worldwide.

The "crazy Gatti" as the beloved character and ex-soccer player is known, who changes his comb every year, has arrived in the capital of Spain, coming from his native Argentina, like every year, responding to the call of Josep Pedrerol, presenter and head of the sports space, which is broadcast from Sunday to Thursday starting at 12 at night, Spanish local time, on the AtresMedia television network.

This space called the Chiringuito, is being a success in audience, not only in Spain and Europe, but it has spread like wildfire to Latin America, Asia, North America, Central America, Arab countries, Africa and many more corners of the world. where the space arrives via the internet, through the different platforms such as youtube, twitch and social networks.

Friday, January 06, 2023

French Cup / Châteauroux 1 vs PSG 3. Suffered win, for the Parisians.


An even match in the first half, with a better volume of play and ball control, by the local club Châteauroux, who generated better scoring chances and ultimately tied the score, after losing to PSG, who had lost advanced, with a goal from Hugo Ekitike

In the second half, Ramos y Soler and PSG entered, they organized themselves in defense and began to generate dangerous plays for the home team, which defended itself well and played fast on the counterattack, behind the Parisian defense.

Carlos Soler, took advantage of a rebound of the ball by the Châteauroux goalkeeper, after a header from Ekitike and sent it to save to decree the 1 x 2 at that moment, later, the 1 x 3 arrived, with a beautiful play, culminated by the Spanish left side, Juan Bernard, for the final 1 x 3, with which PSG. They defeated a good team from Châteauroux, in the round of 64 of the French Cup.

The match marked the return to the Parisian goal of goalkeeper Keylor Navas, after 8 months of being marginalized and relegated to the substitute bench, by coach Galtier.

In a close and balanced match, Chelsea loses to Manchester City, with a final score of 0 x 1.


In an entertaining, exciting game, with many plays created for goals, a game played with guts, good treatment of the ball, sparks of magic and some wonderful plays.

In the end, Manchester City won with a score of 0 x 1 against Chelsea, who are not forceful, despite the fact that they generate many occasions to score. the visiting team's goal was scored by the player Mahrez

With this result, Manchester City approaches the leader Arsenal, only 5 points behind those led by Arteta.

Sunday, January 01, 2023

Racing Club Lens, win and dance, to a PSG, of lies.


A match, widely dominated by Racing Club  Lens, which hosted PSG, before 38,047 fans, who came to the stadium to see the first game of the 2023 new year.

The local club from the north of France showed a devilish level of modern football, as a team, with grit, intensity, good treatment of the ball, with fantastic walls and through balls, with a level, gods of Olympus

PSG, without Messi, has not played anything, a clumsy team, without ideas, that did not generate much in attack and did reveal many cracks in its containment markers and its defense on the left side, with a Donnarumma, overrated by Galtier, who once again today, has been lazy, clumsy, slow, disastrous with his feet, without the basic concepts for an international elite goalkeeper, that if, to the 3 UEFA Champions League, he has it sitting down, without giving him a single minute, in the whole season.

Today Lends won, because they played better, they did it as a team, they attacked as a block and defended in the same way, they closed spaces and had depth, they created danger and suffocated Paris Saint Germain, who received a dose of sporting reality and a cold water bath for the thousands of fans of the Parisian club.