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MALANGA NEWS SPORTS 45 : Date -Sunday , February 5 , 2023 / FOOTBALL - SPAIN LEAGUE : Atletico Madrid 1 vs Getafe CF 1 / Elche CF 3 vs Villarreal 1 / Espanyol 1 vs Osasuna 1 / ENGLAND : Everton 1 vs Arsenal 0 / Wolves 3 vs Liverpool 0 / Manchester United 2 vs Crystal Palace 1 / Brentford 3 vs Southampton 0 / Aston Villa 2 vs Leicester 4 / Brighton 1 vs Bournemouth 0 / Chelsea FC 0 vs Fulham 0 / John Hopkins University / COVID-19 😷 : Total Cases at world : 670.966.004 - Total Deaths : 6.834.857/ Total cases US : 102.443.124 - Total Deaths : 1.109.393

Sunday, January 01, 2023

Racing Club Lens, win and dance, to a PSG, of lies.


A match, widely dominated by Racing Club  Lens, which hosted PSG, before 38,047 fans, who came to the stadium to see the first game of the 2023 new year.

The local club from the north of France showed a devilish level of modern football, as a team, with grit, intensity, good treatment of the ball, with fantastic walls and through balls, with a level, gods of Olympus

PSG, without Messi, has not played anything, a clumsy team, without ideas, that did not generate much in attack and did reveal many cracks in its containment markers and its defense on the left side, with a Donnarumma, overrated by Galtier, who once again today, has been lazy, clumsy, slow, disastrous with his feet, without the basic concepts for an international elite goalkeeper, that if, to the 3 UEFA Champions League, he has it sitting down, without giving him a single minute, in the whole season.

Today Lends won, because they played better, they did it as a team, they attacked as a block and defended in the same way, they closed spaces and had depth, they created danger and suffocated Paris Saint Germain, who received a dose of sporting reality and a cold water bath for the thousands of fans of the Parisian club.

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