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Tuesday, August 01, 2023

From Paris Saint Germain Elite, there is a #PSG, third category.


Neymar, Verratti and Keylor on the bench, Luis Enrique, does not paint anything, another puppet to which the administrative part is imposed on the sports one. That is why the results are chaotic and frustrating. 0 x 0 vs Al-Nassr, 2 x 3 vs Cerezo Osaka and 1 x 2 vs Inter.

The results speak. The press department can try to make up what they want. Like when throughout these last two seasons, in which it was a resounding failure in the Champions League, we wanted to include Donnarumma as a Top goalkeeper, the Italian being a real sieve, full of punctual and decisive errors for the elimination of the Parisian club in the UCL.

Not to mention the terrible management of (Sports Director) Luis Campos, a very small guy, who has turned the club into one more of the bunch.

Gone are players who were at the level of what the club represents in France, now with the management of this gentleman, who has not won ANYTHING in the world soccer elite, has filled the Parisian club with second and third class players. category.

They literally throw out the good guys and keep the bad ones, they change a 2023 car for a 1492 car, the third tier play, while the best pass on the bench, or are fired, as if they were criminals and not active in the club.

A team that watching him play on this Japanese tour is embarrassing, without a soul, without ideas, without a style of play, without offensive weight, full of mistakes in defense and goal and a midfield that doesn't even put together a fight of parrots.

Poor the fans of Paris Saint Germain, a great team that is being reduced to one more of the lot, with a mediocre mentality and deplorable sports management, with a sports director who has never kicked a ball in his life, an intolerable and arrogant president , a coach who has always been within the controversy in each of the teams he has led, where he has always wanted to be the focus of attraction, above any player.

This year, if they do a little bit well, they MAY be able to win the French league, but given what's been seen on the field, it's quite possible they won't even do that.

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