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Sunday, April 09, 2023

Villarreal, in silence the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. RMCF 2 vs. VRCF 3


In a round-trip game, with a brave and orderly Villarreal, Real Madrid, has lost at home with a final score of 2 x 3, in an entertaining game, played at great intensity, exciting, with alternatives generated by both clubs in search of victory

Villarreal was forceful and scored at the opportune moments of the game, to leave a Madrid lying on the grass of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, which generated danger, but lacked punch and calm.

The league is getting further and further away for Ancelotti's men, if Barcelona wins their game today, they will be 15 points ahead.

Chukwueze scored twice and Commandant Morales, one more, for Real Madrid, Paul Lopez (AGG) and Vinicius Jr. scored the second.

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