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Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Marseille eliminates with justice and dance included, the PSG of Galtier and Luis Campos.


Round of 16, French Cup
In a match widely dominated by Marseille, who danced and tore apart the PSG defense, with a game under pressure, where Galtier men were pitiful, without ideas and little offensive play.

The Parisians never played as a team, they depended on the individualities of Messi and Neymar and today nothing came of them, Marseille was superior, they attacked the Parisians under pressure, attacking the ball, from all sectors of the field, without giving respite to the defense and the midfield, which looked naked at times, leaving large highways on the playing field, taken advantage of by Olympique Marseille, who with this victory, advanced to the next round of quarterfinals and eliminated Galtier team , a team without offensive weight and without players of real rank, since Luis Campos arrived, an unknown sports director, who only middling players have brought to the club and Galtier, a coach who has left much to be desired in sports, imposing hierarchies, where they must be earned within the field and not in the offices.

  Today Carma gave them another slap in the face with the elimination of the French Cup and I say another, because a few days ago, Keylor Navas, the goalkeeper that I despise and seat the bench justification, has left him portrayed before the PSG fans, when writing an outstanding game as a Nottingham Forest player, awarded as the best man of the match, best goalkeeper of the date included in the team of the week, of the premier league.

An incentive of the club, diminished and relegated to a bench, without allowing him to compete, because soccer is competition, nobody in the whole world, plays by decree, or by order of a sports director and a coach, who have not won anything in soccer .

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