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Tuesday, December 06, 2022

A decisive Bono goalkeeper, with a Hakimi, of pure ice, They give Morocco a pass to the quarterfinals.


Complicated, intense, exciting game, two national teams, committed, seeking at all costs the option to qualify for the quarterfinals, 138 minutes of fighting, without giving up, where Morocco won Spain and sent it home with a 3 x 0, in the shots from the penalty spot, the goalkeeper Bono, was the hero of the game, by saving 3 penalties against the Spanish and Hakimi scoring the last shot from Morocco to panenga, with the coldness of a penguin, in the Antarctica.

With this score, Morocco advances to the quarterfinals and Spain packs their bags to return home, after missing all 4 shots, three saves by Bono and Sarabia's, which hit the post. Luis Enrique, should have put them to practice penalties, instead of streaming and coming out showing the box.

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