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MALANGA NEWS SPORTS 45 : Date , Tuesday December 6 , 2022 / FOOTBALL ⚽​ FIFA WORLD CUP, QATAR 2022 - ROUND TO 16 : Portugal 6 vs Switzerland 1 / Spain 0 (0) - (3) 0 Morocco / NEXT GAMES - QUARTER FINALS : Croatia vs Brazil / Netherlands vs Argentina . Friday December 9. / JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY 🎓 - COVID-19 😷 : Total Cases at world 🔵 644.793.288 - Total Deaths : 6.639.922 / Total cases US : 98.962.019 🛌🏼 - Total Deaths : 1.081.412

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

France, wins, likes and is forceful / Qatar 2022 / OUI, oui, oui et oui



We have enjoyed an open game, with two teams dedicated to the cause, looking to win the game at all times, Australia opened the scoring through player Goodwin, Rabiot tied for France and Oliver Giroud turned the score around to send the French at the break with the score of 2 x 1.

In the second half, France came out with everything and Kylian Mbappé would score the third, a few minutes later, Mbappe gave a direct assist to the header of Oliver Giroud, who thus put the 4 x 1 on the board, to the joy of the fans. thousands of French fans, all over the world.

Mbappé, had an outstanding performance, ran the band, faked, assisted, scored a goal, it was a headache for the entire defense of Australia.

Oliver Giroud, scored a double, a fit player, who knows how to play football, with an extraordinary level and an equitable forcefulness.

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