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Saturday, September 17, 2022

Shameful, and racist comment, goes around the world


Advertising campaigns, in thousands of media, clubs, sports institutions, such as FIFA, UEFA, all the Leagues in Europe and the planet, governments worldwide, the press, soccer federations, trying to eradicate racism and xenophobia, of the playing fields and we have to listen to a comment, as stupid, irate, low, unfortunate and racist, as the one made to the soccer player, Vinicius Jr, just for dancing, every time he scores a goal, with his club, by a man, surnamed Bravo, who appears in a media outlet usually from Spain, widely seen throughout the world and with a brutal audience, (El Chiringuito) saying the following:

Pedro Bravo , to Vinicius Jr: "If you want to dance samba you go to the Sambadrome in Brazil. Here (in Spain) what you have to do is respect your colleagues and stop acting like a monkey".

How embarrassing, unfortunate, out of place, out of context, racist and under "COMMENT" how ugly and embarrassing, that someone who works in football, as president of an association of agents for footballers, instead of collaborating to eradicate those prejudices, be the creator of unpleasant news, which has gone around the world, in all languages

His club, Real Madrid, has made an official statement, where he condemns this type of act and has given support to his player, himself has given specific orders to his legal department, to initiate legal action, against any person who has this kind of behaviors

Players like Neymar, Thiago Silva, Raphinha and many others, all over the world, including "PELE" himself, have given their support to the young footballer and protested the unfortunate act of "super agent" Bravo.

Mr. Pedro Bravo has apologized publicly, trying to justify the unjustifiable, but the argument he has given has not been credible by anyone.

Vinicius Jr, has made a video, where he allows himself to be told very forcefully, that he will not stop dancing and express his happiness, by scoring a goal, that he does it because it is part of his way of being and that his intention is not to provoke, enrage, annoy, or make fun of any fan, or professional colleague.

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