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MALANGA NEWS SPORTS 45 : Date -Sunday , February 5 , 2023 / FOOTBALL - SPAIN LEAGUE : Atletico Madrid 1 vs Getafe CF 1 / Elche CF 3 vs Villarreal 1 / Espanyol 1 vs Osasuna 1 / ENGLAND : Everton 1 vs Arsenal 0 / Wolves 3 vs Liverpool 0 / Manchester United 2 vs Crystal Palace 1 / Brentford 3 vs Southampton 0 / Aston Villa 2 vs Leicester 4 / Brighton 1 vs Bournemouth 0 / Chelsea FC 0 vs Fulham 0 / John Hopkins University / COVID-19 😷 : Total Cases at world : 670.966.004 - Total Deaths : 6.834.857/ Total cases US : 102.443.124 - Total Deaths : 1.109.393

Thursday, December 01, 2022

Japan and Spain advance to the round of 16, Costa Ricans and Germans are OUT. / Qatar 2022


The surprise of the day was given by Japan, which with its victory against Spain, has gone first in its group, sending Costa Ricans and Germans to pack their bags and return to their countries.

Little to say about the game, Luis Enrique's Spain entered a period of "streaming" taken advantage of by the Japanese, to turn the score around and keep the three points.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Argentina beats Poland 2-0 and advances to the round of 16 / Qatar 2022


Qatar - FIFA World Cup Group Stage:
A match, where there was only one team that dominated the game, created more than 15 goal occasions, scored two goals, missed a penalty and attacked during the 90 minutes

Argentina, beat Poland and erased it from the field, the Poles entered only to defend themselves and did not take a single shot on goal, but in the end it reached them to qualify for the next round of 16, for the best average of goals conceded and the Same points as Mexico, which despite having beaten Saudi Arabia, was eliminated from the Qatar 2022 World Cup

The goals for Argentina, were scored by Alexis Mac Allister and Julian Alvarez, Messi missed a penalty stopped him, the Polish goalkeeper Szczęsny in the first half of the game.

Argentines and Polish's advance and Mexicans and Saudis were eliminated.

Mexico wins 2X1 Against Saudi Arabia, But is out of QATAR 2022



Mexico and Saudi Arabia, played an exciting game, Mexico missed at least 6 opportunities to score, in the end it has taken its toll and has kicked it out of the world cup, despite having won the game, with the goal scored by Saudi Arabia at the end of the game, annotation that qualifies Poland, by goal difference

Australia wins 1-0 over Denmark and advances to the round of 16. / Qatar 2022


QATAR 2022
A very intense and disputed game, where Australia won 1 x 0 against Denmark, with a goal by the player Leckie, at minute 15 of the second half.

The match was fought from start to finish, with two teams fighting with everything for the pass to the next round of 16

The Australians have won the game after 92 minutes played and a good rhythm of play.

Tunisia beats France 1-0, but has been eliminated from QATAR 2022


A game where Tunisia, played better than France, who started with nine changes, compared to the two previous games, the world champion, was not up to the sport of the Tunisians, who scored through W. Khazri.

Despite the victory, Tunisia has been eliminated from the world bid, leaving with 4 points, France and Australia advanced with 6 points.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Wales 0 - England 3 / The English team advances to the round of 16 / Qatar 2022


In a fairly balanced game in the three lines of play (Defense, midfield and attack) especially in the first half, Wales fell with a final score of 0 x 3 against a forceful England, which has generated many goal occasions, winning three of them, with goals from Rashford, with a double and from Foden, to advance to the round of 16 phase, qualifying first in their group with 7 points

Now the English are going to face each other in the round of 16 against Senegal.

IRAN 0 VS USA 1 / United States, advance to the round of 16. / Qatar 2022


Match, of regular intensity, a lot of friction, somewhat slow, with little depth and a lot of defensive play

In the end, the United States won, with a goal by Christian Pulisic, who was injured after the goal, against an IRAN, well organized, with a lot of sporting pride, a good sporting level, which dominated the entire second half, cornering the USA, who He knew how to suffer, endure the hurricane and go to the round of 16, of the World Cup, Qatar 2022

The Netherlands, wins 2 x 0 against Qatar and advances to the round of 16. Qatar 2022


The Netherlands, had no problem beating the Qatari national team, host of this FIFA World Cup, which they have defeated with a score of 2 x 0 at the end of 90 minutes, in a game that was pleasant and of a lot of fight in the middle of the field

With this result, the Netherlands advances to the next phase of the round of 16, as the first group with 7 points.

Senegal, beat Ecuador 2-1 and advance to the round of 16 / Qatar 2022


A nice game, in which Ecuador was not the same as in the first 2 games and Senegal, if it kept up the pace and the desire to win the game at all costs.

The game ended with a score of Ecuador 1, Senegal 2, with which the African team has gone to the next phase of the round of 16 and the South Americans have been eliminated.