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MALANGA NEWS SPORTS 45 : Date -Sunday , February 5 , 2023 / FOOTBALL - SPAIN LEAGUE : Atletico Madrid 1 vs Getafe CF 1 / Elche CF 3 vs Villarreal 1 / Espanyol 1 vs Osasuna 1 / ENGLAND : Everton 1 vs Arsenal 0 / Wolves 3 vs Liverpool 0 / Manchester United 2 vs Crystal Palace 1 / Brentford 3 vs Southampton 0 / Aston Villa 2 vs Leicester 4 / Brighton 1 vs Bournemouth 0 / Chelsea FC 0 vs Fulham 0 / John Hopkins University / COVID-19 😷 : Total Cases at world : 670.966.004 - Total Deaths : 6.834.857/ Total cases US : 102.443.124 - Total Deaths : 1.109.393

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

He returned to the Chiringuito, Hugo Gatti Argentine ex goalkeeper and his magic comb.


Hugo Gatti, an Argentine international ex goalkeeper, returns to the Spanish television show, who arrives every season, as a commentator, on the most watched sports program worldwide.

The "crazy Gatti" as the beloved character and ex-soccer player is known, who changes his comb every year, has arrived in the capital of Spain, coming from his native Argentina, like every year, responding to the call of Josep Pedrerol, presenter and head of the sports space, which is broadcast from Sunday to Thursday starting at 12 at night, Spanish local time, on the AtresMedia television network.

This space called the Chiringuito, is being a success in audience, not only in Spain and Europe, but it has spread like wildfire to Latin America, Asia, North America, Central America, Arab countries, Africa and many more corners of the world. where the space arrives via the internet, through the different platforms such as youtube, twitch and social networks.

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