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MALANGA NEWS SPORTS 45 : Date -Sunday , February 5 , 2023 / FOOTBALL - SPAIN LEAGUE : Atletico Madrid 1 vs Getafe CF 1 / Elche CF 3 vs Villarreal 1 / Espanyol 1 vs Osasuna 1 / ENGLAND : Everton 1 vs Arsenal 0 / Wolves 3 vs Liverpool 0 / Manchester United 2 vs Crystal Palace 1 / Brentford 3 vs Southampton 0 / Aston Villa 2 vs Leicester 4 / Brighton 1 vs Bournemouth 0 / Chelsea FC 0 vs Fulham 0 / John Hopkins University / COVID-19 😷 : Total Cases at world : 670.966.004 - Total Deaths : 6.834.857/ Total cases US : 102.443.124 - Total Deaths : 1.109.393

Friday, January 06, 2023

French Cup / Châteauroux 1 vs PSG 3. Suffered win, for the Parisians.


An even match in the first half, with a better volume of play and ball control, by the local club Châteauroux, who generated better scoring chances and ultimately tied the score, after losing to PSG, who had lost advanced, with a goal from Hugo Ekitike

In the second half, Ramos y Soler and PSG entered, they organized themselves in defense and began to generate dangerous plays for the home team, which defended itself well and played fast on the counterattack, behind the Parisian defense.

Carlos Soler, took advantage of a rebound of the ball by the Châteauroux goalkeeper, after a header from Ekitike and sent it to save to decree the 1 x 2 at that moment, later, the 1 x 3 arrived, with a beautiful play, culminated by the Spanish left side, Juan Bernard, for the final 1 x 3, with which PSG. They defeated a good team from Châteauroux, in the round of 64 of the French Cup.

The match marked the return to the Parisian goal of goalkeeper Keylor Navas, after 8 months of being marginalized and relegated to the substitute bench, by coach Galtier.

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